H4H Habitudes

Faherty makes thoughtful decisions for their community, customers,
and the planet.

Looking for ways to make more sustainable lifestyle choices? Look no further. Our ever-growing list of Haberdash for Humanity (H4H) 'Habitudes" provides a long list of ways to look great, live well, and do good.

What is a habitude? Officially, a habitude is a customary condition or character, a habit or custom, or a familiar relationship. We think of a habitude as a good habit with a great attitude.

Some of these items may indeed be better than sliced bread, others may simply be things our grandparents taught us ages ago. Most importantly, remember that nobody is or has to be perfect. Small changes can have a big impact so whether you're the dad next door or David Beckham, we can all make more sustainable personal lifestyle choices.

Habitudes - The Top 10
Habitude 001 | Buy Less Stuff
Habitude 002 | Buy Secondhand Stuff
Habitude 003 | Buy Sustainably-made Stuff
Habitude 004 | Buy Better Stuff
Habitude 005 | Take Care of Your Stuff
Habitude 006 | Be Resource Aware
Habitude 007 | Be Waste Aware
Habitude 008 | Celebrate People and Place
Habitude 009 | Be a Role Model
Habitude 010 | Support a Cause