H4H Habitude 003 | Buy Sustainably-made Stuff

Pact Apparel believes that the best ingredients make the best clothes and products, that people who make the clothes are as important as the people who wear them, that Style & sustainability can coexist, and that doing more-with-less is more. There’s beauty in simplicity.

One of the most satisfying ways to reduce your impact on people and the environment is to buy sustainably-made products. Whether it is an environmentally-friendly product or a product that features a social responsibility aspect of production such as fair labor, being a conscious consumer allows a small personal choice to have a big impact.

Examples of sustainable personal lifestyle choices include buying local & organic food, organic cotton in apparel, and sustainably harvested wood in furniture. Chemical free grooming products, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and natural fillings in furniture are additional options that we can all make.

We will be posting more H4H Habitudes that explore each of these industries in detail so come back soon and often for more ideas on how you can make more sustainable personal lifestyle choices.

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