About Haberdash for Humanity and Sean Schmidt

To 'haberdash' is to deal in men's small notions (i.e. small, useful items), such as hats, ties, buttons, etc. Here at haberdash.org we're peddling another type of notion...small ideas and bits of information that have a big impact on the future of our world. Our goal is to create a resource and community for men that informs and inspires us all to make more sustainable personal lifestyle choices at home, at work, and at play.

H4H Founder, Sean Schmidt H4H founder, Sean Schmidt, holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Environmental Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Policy Studies with a focus on Susgtainable Development and spent almost 14 years at Seattle-based fashion specialty retailer, Nordstrom. His final role at Nordstrom included launching the company's initial Sustainable Business & Development program (more on Sean's work at Nordstrom here).

After Nordstrom, Sean co-founded the Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) in 2003 that worked across 15 style and design industries to promote sustainability. Sean brought a sustainbility perspective to his subsequent positions as well, from starting a Sustainability and Medicine initiative at University of Washington Medicine to his many roles on social and environmental nonprofit boards of directors. Sean served as a Sustainability Specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle for three years before starting his current role at University of Washington Tacoma in student planning and administration and continues to advise students on careers in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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