Hybrid vehicles are blooming everywhere these days making it harder and harder to wow both industry folks and consumers. With the technology becoming so widespread, it may take an old school type of effort to rev our engines...good design. That's exactly what has gone into the new auto by Mindset. The Switzerland-based company led by former VW designer Murat Günat put as much thought into good lines as they did good engineering. Called the "Commuter" (other names in the press include the Emotion and Six50), it is clear that simplicity and smooth lines were at the heart of the design, even down to the sofa inspired front bench seat. Along with designer David Wilkie, Günat set out to use aluminum and plastics to create a car that would way 650 kilos (around 1,400 lbs), offer a 95 horsepower engine that gets up to 75mph, and hits 0-60 in under six seconds. All this with almost no emissions. New toys don't come cheap and neither do new cars. The Commuter is currently expected to sell at around $75,000 in 2009. They say religion is a mindset. Well, if God is in the details, not the clutter, he would no doubt travel between heaven and earth in the Commuter.