Millennium Restaurant - San Francisco

Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco
San Francisco's Millennium Restaurant is well known for being one of the best high-end vegetarian restaurants in the country. Their philosophy on food is presented front and center, both in house and on their website:
Millennium Restaurant is dedicated to supporting the essential earthly concepts of organic food production, small farms, sustainable agriculture, recycling and composting. We cook with fresh produce delivered every day, and choose organic whenever possible. We believe that a gourmet dining experience can be created out of vegetarian, healthy, and environmentally friendly foods. We are proud to state that our restaurant is completely free of genetically modified foods.

I had the pleasure of dining at Millennium recently and although I knew it would be good based on the high marks from my SF friends, I must admit...I was blown away. I had the wilted spinach salad followed by a fantastic mushroom gnocchi. I wish I were a food reviewer because I could write pages on the dishes I had, the incredible service, the perfectly matched wines, and the fantastic fine dining experience offered by Millennium. I hope to go back soon and often...or at least try recreate the wilted spinach salad on my own.