360 Eco Luxury Vodka

360 Vodka
The cocktail culture is alive and shakin these days. Not only can you green up - or "sus up" as I like to say - your cocktails with organic fruits, juices, and leaves (for you mojitos fans out there), there are more options to go green with the alcohol ingredients as well. Take 360 Vodka, a product of McCormick Distilling for example. Not only do they offer an 'eco luxury vodka', they conserve energy throughout their manufacturing process, package their product in recycled content materials, and have a lot of resources on their website about ways for their customers to go green. Best of all, McCormick isn't just going green with one of their products, they are implementing efforts across their company that are truly impressive, from wind power to green purchasing. And don't miss the recipes section...with names like 'Climate Cooler', 'New Leaf, and the 'Peach Tree Hugger' there is a cocktail option for everyone.