Ermenegildo Zegna

I have been a fan of Zegna since my early days at Nordstrom...that would be for almost 20 years now. Women may have Manolo Blahniks but men have Zegna. There is NOTHING better than slipping into a Zegna suit. The cut and hand can only be described as luxurious. So imagine my surprise when I discovered they sponsored the Environmental Media Association (EMA) Awards for several years in the 1990s. Then imagine how surprised I was when I found out they had worked to protect natural areas in Italy for over 70 years and continue to do so with Oasi Zegna (read more about my visit to Oasi Zegna in my March 2007 blog). More recently I purchased a Zegna bamboo/cashmere sportcoat that continues to wow students and audiences when I give lectures on behalf of SSF, the nonprofit I co-founded in 2003. And just this year they offered a jacket with a solar panel collar to power small electronic devices such as cellphones and ipods. Salute Zegna! I look forward to your future efforts.